Snow Days…


Today was a snow day and since I am a teacher in my other life, that meant I had the day off….sort of…so I chose to spend it with you.

I love how quiet and almost sacred it feels after a fresh snow. Eight inches fell on my house and trees and it transformed my surroundings. It was breathtaking! The trees were outlined with white and dark. The noise was muted, as if you were entering a sanctuary.

As much as I adore my students, I truly appreciated this day off…even knowing that I will teach longer in June for this privilege of rest.

Quiet, contemplative, and obsessively trying to learn how to run and design a webpage. My obsessiveness was somehow balanced by the snow. Somehow it was grounding.

I appreciate that!

I believe each day is a gift. What did you do to celebrate, or simply appreciate your day?

One thought on “Snow Days…

  1. The snow brought me peace and solitude, an opportunity to reflect. I found myself contemplating how many people respond with frustration that they cannot carry out their plans because this gorgeous snowfall got in their way. We tend to forget that this, too, is living; when things do not go as planned. We can let go and enjoy the surprise of something else taking control of the agenda, We can rest in that moment where the burden of “making things happens” is relieved, and be grateful.


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