As the Kite

p1010455“As the Kite” is the title of a poem that I wrote in the Peaceful Garden in Kathmandu, Nepal. An excerpt from my journal: “Kite flying is popular here. I think that besides just being plain fun, it epitomizes a freedom to soar and dream.”

This poem speaks of the contrast between how I want to live and what others expect/require of me.

“As the Kite”

As the kite
dances in the heavens,
my dreams
bounce and sway
toward celestial orbs.

Why must
you reel me in and silence
my wind?

As the dove
coos in the eaves,
my tenderness,
taut yet twirling,
spans silky stars.

Why must
you cage me in and bleed
my offering?

As the bud
bursts in joyous display,
my hope
shines and shimmers,
flaunting full fragrance.

Why must
I promise compromise and bow to
your account?



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