Horizontal Trees

Previously published
by Joy Wilson

When tough times comes, we can still thank God. After Nathaniel, 8, and Tobiah, 6, went through a hurricane, they found lots of ways to thank God:

Dear God,

          You are so huge! You are the voice behind the thunder. Knowing that You are in charge helps us handle the hurricane without having nightmares.

          Thank You that our roof did not blow away. Thank You for keeping that metal pole from smashing our windows.

          Thank You for hours and hours of playing with Papa. And for sword fights with our flashlights!

          Thank You for our new barbeque grill. Steaks and spicy chicken slide into our bellies much better than the sandwiches and beef jerky we ate last year.

          We had fun washing clothes by hand with Mama, on the upside-down grill pan we used for a washboard.

          Thank You for neighbors like Mr. Zachary, who let us borrow an extension cord so we could watch a video.

          Most of all, thank You for the trees that are on their sides. They are so much easier to climb now!

          Thank You that our family and friends are safe and our home is still here. You are an awesome God, and You have done great things!

          Nathaniel and Tobiah


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