Mowing in Nepal; A Lesson in Creative Solutions

Once when I traveled to Nepal I walked next to a large soccer field, invaded by tall weed-like grass. At one end of the field, a solitary man worked vigorously, pushing a lawn mower.

Just walking down the road in the summers’ heat and humidity, sweat beaded up on my forehead. The solitary mower instantly gained my empathy. Combined with the height of the grass and the enormity of the field, his task appeared hopeless. I predicted that once he reached the opposite side of the field, it would be time to begin over again.

What kept him going? I hoped the task of mowing was fulfilling since the end goal seemed daunting.

The next day, I walked down the same road. I glanced at the soccer field to assess the man’s progress.

I laughed heartily at the sight. Six goats at the end of long tethers were secured across the large field. The goats were happily munching on the weeds and the mower was nowhere to be seen. I smiled and admired the man’s wisdom.

My tasks often seem daunting, but then I reflect on the weedy field, the man and the goats. I gain perspective…

By Kimberly Joy Wilson


A goat and 2 kids…in a Nepali village

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