I Breathe

(After struggling with walking pneumonia and while sitting on the doctor’s table awaiting removal of 4 moles for possible skin cancer, I wrote…) Could the clock move more like a molasses glacier, despite the inferno I walk? Cascading, roaring past me                             5 like frothy rapids despite the salmon scales, I swim. Fluffy condensation, clouds, swirl … More I Breathe


Vessels vessels in a cue clay, gold, sterling? Which are you? Vessels vessels in a bin cracked, tarn’, weathered? What state you in? Vessels vessels in a blaze smoke, smelter, dross? What sees the Seer thro’ life’s haze? Vessels vessels in a brook. wash, toss, splash. crystal shine; Look. joy Note: I created the clay … More Vessels


Where is the door? Listen to the roar. Please open for me. I am blind. Carry me through. Curled at Your feet. I fret and tremble. Please forgive me. I am weak. Lost in Your love. Refusing to budge, yet bend and sway. Please guide, Your way. I am lame. joy

Simply Stand

One morning, while sitting at my breakfast table, I was creating a “to-do list” in preparation for an impending storm that was expected to have hurricane force winds. I glanced out the window to watch the powerful wind thrashing the tree limbs. I wondered how the birds found safety amidst heavy storms. Then, on the … More Simply Stand