Simply Stand

One morning, while sitting at my breakfast table, I was creating a “to-do list” in preparation for an impending storm that was expected to have hurricane force winds.

I glanced out the window to watch the powerful wind thrashing the tree limbs. I wondered how the birds found safety amidst heavy storms.

Then, on the edge of my view, I noticed a small, blue bird. Perched on the corner of my roof, the bird directly faced into the wind. The bird did not hide. It did not fly. The bird knew the wind and it was familiar with the strong gusts. The small, fragile bird faced the storm head-on.

My daily worries and storms suddenly seemed smaller. I found inspiration and drew courage from that fragile bird.

When facing my own storms of life, God tells me to wear his full armor and then my task is simple and direct… “to stand.” I picture myself as that fragile bird perched on the edge of my roof. I stand, facing life’s storms head-on with God. I simply stand.

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