Good fences?

By Kimberly Joy Wilson (originally written in 2006) Good fences make good neighbors. Is this really true? In California, where I’ve transplanted from, every yard is completely fenced-in creating clear boundaries. One of the first things you do upon purchasing a property is determine which fence is legally your responsibility. You repair that one fence … More Good fences?

The Melting

Simple, and true may I release sweet fragrance to You. Flicker’ring, Your flame, may I dance wholey unto Your name. Molten, and raw may I lift lips, causing hearts to thaw. joy

The Oasis

Fruit and flowers pour forth lush in a rush to quench parchness of soul. Mangos and madness drop down bright with might to mete lurches in spirit. Ferns and feathers alight dart with art to drink fountains of Body. joy

Two Tulips…

Yes! It is Spring! These tulips grace my front yard and are SO welcome after a long winter. Does anyone know a poem about tulips? There must be a good one as they are such an inspiration… Perhaps that will be my next project- Two tulips tooling with two lips… I know it is terrible, … More Two Tulips…


Tired, though you be, driven to your knee. Prayers rise up, a hymn, as you rely wholey on Him. Refreshment will come to you, rising springs are your due. Rest, give up, His praise, as you redeem holy days. joy