Kimberly Joy Wilson, labeled “Most Impactful” with my passion for an overcoming life.

As a teenager, I miraculously survived a head-on car accident after being given only 1 in 200 odds to live. My local, southern California newspaper headlined me as a “Miracle Girl.”

I love to travel the world, enlarging my “family” as I go… Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China… and more to come.

Currently, I thrive in Portland, Oregon, with my bearded husband, a dog (or 5, depending on the day) and a hair-attacking parrot. My day job is teaching high school refugees and recent immigrants.

I’ve had the honor of a children’s story being published with Clubhouse Jr. Magazine and articles in the Costco Connection, the Spectator Magazine, and the Christian Journal.

When not teaching or traveling, you may find me writing children’s stories, poetry, or a novel as I play in the dirt in my garden.