The March

Charcoal oozes under the lintel, bitter bite of sight. Syrupy smog winds through the grate, choking chalk in-hale. Alarm ignites across the crest, marching maggots in sight. bbs

Blackberry Brambles

“Blackberry Brambles” Brown birds in brambles, basking in His rays. Puff, with ruff, led wings, gaps map Shouts of song. Black n’ white stripe, delight on sun sand perch. Twit, and flit with wit. diving in blackberry brambles. bbs (brown bird singing) I wrote this poem while watching the birds one morning on the fence … More Blackberry Brambles

“Art Museum”

“Art Museum” To grow a rose vibrant in hue delights the nose after the mornings dew. Cascading color in oil by Raphael devine the soul amidst the afternoons’ rue. joy (3/18) I visited the Portland Art today and was refreshed. It is also gentle on my pocket book as I love art and can go … More “Art Museum”


“Crows” Crows a raucous deluge in seconds, forgotten umbrella keeps a quiet room. chaos is queen brick buildings secure, face, grumbling gray sky, loud splash, eaves drip. crows a ‘hiding patience for a turn to rattle my soul in an unquiet vessel. joy (Nepal, 14/6/11)

A Moment at the Cucumber Colony (Leprosy Community)

Dedicated to the Sundar Dokar Church in Kathmandu, Nepal “A Moment at the Cucumber Colony” Catching butterflies that flit and twirl dashing down cobblestone paths shimmering sunlight glistens through guava leaves. Twirling taste of gardenia twined between hairs. Rice patty sea flows ‘round me and I leap while crunching cucumbers. [Leprosy will be destroyed!] joy … More A Moment at the Cucumber Colony (Leprosy Community)

Walk with Me

Walk with me forever free to live and love tender dove. Waltz with me, leading me down pleasure paths, endless love. Wonder full You drawing me to depths of dreams silken glove. joy